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Top 6 Best Knife Sharpener for Kitchen Knives 2023

What are top best knife sharpener for kitchen knives? As a chef, home cook, or home chef in the kitchen it is essential that you maintain sharp knives for your tasks. Dull knives can cause an increase in prep time, frustration, and even potential accidents. Having the best knife sharpener for your kitchen knives can help keep them properly maintained with minimal effort ensuring better results every time!

Whether you are new to using a traditional gap-style sharpener or looking to upgrade from an electric system there is something on this list of options suited for everyones needs. Take some time to go through our short guide of best knife sharpener for kitchen knives and find out which one is right for you so that youll always have razor-sharp blades when it comes time to do your food preparations.

The Champion: Wüsthof Easy Edge Sharpener

best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

This is a favorite of best knife sharpener for kitchen knives among chefs and home cooks because of its versatility. It works on most knives, is incredibly easy to use, and can even handle serrated blades. It leaves an impressively-sharp edge that holds up over time and best of all it doesnt take up much space in the kitchen or tool drawer.

Using the Easy Edge sharpener, we managed to enhance our test blade and pass all tests with flying colors - smoothly slicing through paper, carrots, and tomatoes. This device is perfect for everyone; from novice sharpeners to experienced cooks alike! Its ease of operation makes it suitable for each level of knowledge.

Pros: Versatile, easy to use, and great results.

Cons: Not suitable for ceramic blades.

The Runner-up: Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

This is a reliable electric sharpener that can handle most kitchen knives. Its three-stage system can handle straight or serrated blades, and its diamond abrasive wheels work to quickly sharpen the blades and bring them back to life. The best part about this sharpener is that its adjustable, allowing you to choose the best angle for your blade.

Pros: Adjustable settings, easy to use, versatile.

Cons: Can be pricey for some budgets.

Best Knife Sharpener for Kitchen Knives: Longzon 4-in-1

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Our testers were astounded by the Longzon 4-in-1 sharpener, citing it as being reliable, easy to operate, and tremendously successful. One lab expert exclaimed that the sharpener did a spectacular job in restoring an almost dull knife back to its original razor edge!

Amazingly, do-it-yourselfers found that the sharpener gave even better results when they doubled the recommended 5-10 strokes up to 20 or more. Not only does this knife sharpener have a pull-through design for easy use, but it can also be used to sharpen scissors - an added bonus! To sum it all up, this is an exceptional value and one youll undoubtedly find yourself using regularly.

Pros: An effective, affordable manual sharpener with a minimal curve.

Cons: Testers suggest doubling the pull-through strokes of the manufacturers suggestion.

Chef’s Choice Trizor XV – Top Sharpener for Kitchen Knives 2023

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Out of all best knife sharpener for kitchen knives we tested, The ChefsChoice Trizor XV was by far the most powerful and effective. It managed to bring both a budget-friendly German chefs knife and an expensive Japanese blade back from dullness to razor sharpness in just one stroke! Tomatoes dont stand a chance against it!

With the easy-to-follow instructions in the Trizor XVs manual and its ingeniously crafted design, even a beginner can sharpen knives like an expert! Moreover, it is so straightforward to use that youll be able to maintain your blades sharp around all times. Unlike other models on the market, theres virtually no chance of getting wrong results with this sharpener.

To conclude, the Trizor XV is a durable solution with robust motor and reliable construction. We have used one in our Wirecutter test kitchen for years without any issues; its an investment that we believe pays off handsomely.

Pros: Fast and effective sharpening, simple to use.

Cons: It is more expensive than some other options.

Top Knife Sharpener 2023 – Work Sharp Culinary E2

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

The Work Sharp Culinary E2 is a top-notch electric sharpener that made quick work of dull blades in our testing. It has an intuitive design, with three stages and multiple slots to best suit the angle of your blade.

Its incredibly easy to use - even novice sharpeners will have success using this device. Plus, the Work Sharp Culinary E2 is designed with quieter operation, so you wont find yourself competing with an annoying buzz while sharpening.

This powerful sharpener also comes with a wide range of settings to best suit your knife and its desired edge. We were truly impressed by how easy it was to sharpen dull blades in our tests.

Pros: Quiet, intuitive design, adjustable settings.

Cons: Can be expensive for some budgets.

Knife Sharpener for Entry Level – Presto EverSharp

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Top 7 best knife sharpener for kitchen knives

Finally, the Presto EverSharp is a great entry-level sharpener for those on a budget. This electric sharpener works best when used to sharpen stainless steel and carbon knives, but wont work with ceramic blades. It has two stages and an easy-to-read indicator light that tells you when its time to switch from sharpening to honing.

If youre looking for a sharpener that wont dent your wallet, then the Presto EverSharp is an excellent option.

Pros: Affordable, two-stage sharpening process, best for stainless steel and carbon knives.

Cons: Not suitable for ceramic blades.

What to Consider When Choosing Best Knife Sharpener for Kitchen Knives?

Ease of use

The sharpeners weve recommended here all come with straightforward directions and were highly praised by testers for how quickly they could be used. But dont get discouraged if it takes a few minutes to figure out the best angle and pressure to apply so that you can sharpen each blade effectively.


When looking for a sharpener, you need one that can sharpen blades of various lengths and widths. Opting for one with multiple grades will guarantee you get an even edge on your knives.

Manual versus electric

Deciding between a manual or electric sharpener is an individual decision that primarily depends on your budget. High-end electrical sharpeners can be pricey, yet inexpensive manual models still deliver remarkable outcomes. Think about how often you use the sharpener and dont hesitate to invest in a more expensive model if it motivates you to better maintain your knives!

Pull-through versus steel/stone

We tested all the knife sharpeners on this list and found that pull-through varieties were generally easier to operate. If you want a highly efficient way of keeping your blades sharp, we recommend using a sharpening stone; however, it might require more practice to get comfortable with its use.

Types of blades

Before buying a knife sharpener, make sure that it is compatible with the blades you want to sharpen. Whether they are scissor blades or serrated knives, confirm that your desired model can do the job!

FAQs of Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Should I sharpen my knife with a stone?

Yes, honing a knife with a sharpening stone is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a precision edge. However, its best to use a sharpening stone if you have experience with how to best apply the correct pressure and angles.

Do electric sharpeners damage knives?

No, electric sharpeners are designed to polish and hone a blade without causing any damage. However, be sure to read the instructions carefully before use, as some more complex models might require you to adjust the angle and pressure applied.


Finding the best knife sharpener for kitchen knives can be a daunting task, but we hope that this guide has helped you narrow down your search. Consider the factors discussed above, such as ease of use and versatility, to best determine which sharpener best suits your needs. Good luck on creating a razor-sharp set of kitchen knives with The Blue Stove!

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