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What Goes Good With Eggnog – Top 10+ Ideas for Your Christmas Eggnog

Christmas is coming but you still dont know what goes good with eggnog? Whether youre a baker, home cook, chef or housewife, at this time of year youre probably looking for new ideas to incorporate eggnog into your cooking, esp. on upcoming Christmas holidays.

Here are some recipes that will show you how to add a touch of eggnog flavor to everything from breakfast to dessert. Enjoy our what goes good with recipes and ideas on what goes good with eggnog!

What Goes Good with Eggnog as Alcohol?

#1 Amaro

If youre looking for a way to give your eggnog some extra flavor and answer what goes good with eggnog, Amaro is the perfect ingredient. Amaro is a bitter Italian liqueur that pairs well with whiskey or another spirit. Its often made from an herbal, citrusy blend of ingredients like ginger, anise, mint, or cinnamon.

#2 Bourbon

If you want a drink with some real kick, go for bourbon. Its smoky flavor will balance out the sweetness of the eggnog nicely, and its sure to please any crowd. This is also a good choice if youre looking for something that really tastes like alcohol at Christmas.

What Goes Good with Eggnog


#3 Cognac

If youre looking for a cocktail with subdued alcohol content but still want it to taste like an adult drink, mix in some cognac -a top choice for what goes good with eggnog. The nutmeg-like flavor will give your beverage extra warmth. If you desire a stronger drink, try mixing cognac with another brown liquor.

#4 Frangelico

If you want your eggnog to have some extra depth, try adding a shot of Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. You can drink it straight if youre trying to go easy on the alcohol, or mix it with rum for something stronger.

#5 Applejack

Applejack brandy is a type of liquor made from fermented apple cider. A popular drink in the colonial northeast, it was made by leaving hard cider out to freeze in the cold winter months. Its a great option for adding an old-timey feel to your eggnog and perfect for seasonal sipping.

What Goes Good with Eggnog


#6 Brandy

If youve been eyeing up brandy but are unsure of how to mix it, this might be the perfect drink for you. Its flavor is bold, so if your goal is to keep your eggnog sweet, consider adding syrup or sweetener. However, if you want a more adult and sophisticated eggnog beverage, then go ahead and use brandy as your mixer.

#7 Scotch

The typical stringent taste of scotch whiskey is blended nicely with the sweetness of eggnog - try it for yourself to experience a dance of intense and gentle flavors. A good try for what goes good with eggnog at Christmas!!!

#8 Spiced Rum

The combination of dairy and rum in this concoction is a bit too much for some people. If youre a fan of rum, it will be fine for you, but if youre looking for something more subtle, this probably isnt the drink for you. This is more of a BAM! for what goes good with eggnog.

What Goes Good with Eggnog

Spiced Rum

#9 Peppermint Schnapps

Surprising your tastebuds with unlikely but delicious flavor combinations is what tends to make the holidays so special. In this instance, Christmas and peppermint come together in one delightful drink thatll get you feeling seriously festive.

#10 Whiskey

Although some people prefer whiskey to bourbon, the fact is that both liquors go well with a spiked eggnog - a spicy question for what goes good with eggnog. So if you have plenty of whiskey on hand, theres no need to buy Bourbon too - whiskey will do the job just as well in terms of smokiness and flavor.

What Goes Good with Eggnog


What Other Things Elevate Your Eggnog?

#1 Coffee

Adding coffee to your eggnog can really elevate the flavor. Try using espresso powder or instant coffee granules for best results of what goes good with eggnog.

#2 Chocolate

Add some richness to your eggnog by adding cocoa powder or chocolate chips. A yummy choice for what goes good with eggnog

What Goes Good with Eggnog


#3 Vanilla

If you want your eggnog to have a rich, creamy texture, use pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste instead of adding vanilla.

#4 Honey

Adding honey to your eggnog will give it a lovely, thick consistency. Well well, a good choice for you when it comes to what goes good with eggnog at Christmas.

#5 Cream

Eggnog is best when made with heavy cream, but whipped cream makes a delicious topping.

#6 Maple Syrup

A classic combination, maple syrup enhances the sweetness of eggnog - perfect drinks for Christmas.

Maple syrups

#7 Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that can be used in eggnog to give it a unique flavor. You can use ground cinnamon or sticks of cinnamon, depending on your preference.

#8 Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a spice that originates from Indonesia. It is often added to eggnog during the winter holidays like Christmas.

What Goes Good with Eggnog


#9 Ginger

Ginger is another widely used spice that, like cinnamon, gives eggnog its characteristic flavor for a great Christmas.

#10 Lemon

The tart flavor of lemon brings a brightness to what goes good with eggnog. You can use either the zest or fresh juice.

#11 Orange

A popular choice for eggnog is oranges. Use orange zest or juice to enhance the flavor.

What Goes Good with Eggnog


What Appetizers to Serve Well with Eggnog?

#1 Pretzels

Pretzels make a great crunchy snack, and they go perfect for what goes good with eggnog. Such a combo for great Christmas season!

What Goes Good with Eggnog


#2 Popcorn

Sharing a big bag of popcorn is the perfect activity to do while watching movies together.

#3 Cheese

A simple way to know what goes good with eggnog and add some extra protein to your holiday eggnog is by adding cheese.

#4 Cookies and Crackers

What would a holiday party like Christmas be without cookies and crackers? Theyre perfect for sharing, and they go great with eggnog. Not to mention, theyre just plain delicious.

What Goes Good with Eggnog


#5 Candy

Theres nothing like candy to bring people together! Everyone loves a classic treat, and sharing candy is always fun.

#6 Fruit

Is fruit a healthier alternative to sweets? For example, you could serve fruit alongside eggnog for a light dessert.

#7 M&M’s®

M&Ms are the way to go if you want a salty snack that isnt too heavy. They are great answers for what goes good with eggnog!

#8 Marshmallows

Not only are marshmallows a classic holiday favorite like Christmas, but they also go great with eggnog. And if youre feeling sleepy, popping a few of these sugary pillows might just give you the pep you need to make it through the night!

What Goes Good with Eggnog


#9 Potato Chips

The savory nature of potato chips compliments the creamy sweetness of eggnog.

#10 Yogurt

Not only is yogurt a refreshing beverage, but it also goes great with eggnog. Adding some granola will give the drink even more texture.

#11 Zucchini

Zucchini is a nutritious vegetable that can enhance the flavor of what goes good with eggnog. Be sure to remove the seeds before serving for best results.

What Goes Good with Eggnog



How can I know my eggnog goes bad?

If you notice any changes in the smell, color, and texture of your eggnog, discard it immediately.

Is eggnog vegan?

Yes - There are many vegan-friendly recipes for eggnog that use non-dairy milk instead of cream. Some also contain no eggs at all!

Whats the best way to store eggnog?

If you want your eggnog to last more than a few hours, make sure to store it in an airtight container in the fridge. It should be okay for up two weeks.

What to do with leftover eggnog?

There are several creative uses for leftover eggnog, such as using it to make a French toast casserole or trifle. You can also freeze it for up to three months and use it later on in smoothies or milkshakes.


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