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Gingerbread House Candy Decorations: 10+ Ideas and More for Your Chirstmas

Make your gingerbread house candy decorations look truly spectacular this year with these delectable candy decorations. Not only will they add a delightful dash of sweetness to your winter wonderland, but they are also easy to craft and perfect for any level of skill!

Keep reading below for instructions on how you can make them yourself and what to do with gingerbread house candy decorations. Get ready to create something remarkable - its going to be so much fun in this Christmas!

7 Ideas for Gingerbread House Candy Decorations

#1 M&M’s

Incorporating M&Ms into your gingerbread house is a must if you want to have the perfect holiday home. Whether it be classic candy pieces or mini baking bits, these festive colors of red, green and white will make your roof stand out and give the yard an extra decorative touch. Scatter them around for an even more magical feel!

gingerbread house candy decorations - M&M

Gingerbread house candy decorations - M&M

#2 Holiday Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs

For an eye-catching and fun addition to your gingerbread house candy decorations, try these colorful Kisses and Hugs! The array of flavors, colors, and designs make them the perfect choice for dressing up the entrance. Add a few here and there around the foundation to give it that extra special touch.

#4 Candy Canes

Transform your gingerbread house into a magical candy kingdom by adding mini candy canes around its perimeter or crushing them for an enchanting sprinkle of color in the yard!

Gingerbread house candy decorations

Gingerbread house candy decorations - Candy cane

#3 Peppermints

To make your gingerbread house sparkle, classic peppermints are a must - use them to line the roof or place one above the door for an extra festive touch. Theres nothing like adding these little treats to complete your masterpiece!

#4 Chocolate Bars

Transform your chocolate bars into sweet and charming log piles to complete the cozy winter home of your miniature gingerbread family. Twix are especially great for this project; simply attach them with frosting, top it off with sprinkles or powdered sugar, and voila! You have a picturesque scene that is sure to bring out everyones holiday spirit.

Gingerbread house candy decorations

Gingerbread house candy decorations - Chocolate bars

#5 Gumdrops

When crafting a gingerbread house, gumdrops are essential! From topping the gables of your abode to adorning its base with delightful sugary domes, these treats will make for an unforgettable addition. It just is not the Christmas vibe without them!

#6 Necco Wafers

For a delicate, old-fashioned look for your home, Necco candy makes the perfect roofing and paving material. Its powdery finish and pastel colors create an exquisite scalloped effect!

Although it might be hard to find in physical stores due to its vintage quality, do not fret: some gas stations or small grocery stores may still have them in stock. And if youre truly desperate for this nostalgic aesthetic addition, Amazon has got your back!

Gingerbread house candy decorations

Gingerbread house candy decorations - Necco Wafers

#7 Mini Marshmallows

For a wintery gingerbread house, mini marshmallows make for the perfect decoration! Line your roof with them to give it a snowy look or use them as colorful accents on your walls.

Some Extra Candies for Gingerbread House Candy Decorations

  • Classic hard candies
  • Round mint candies
  • Balls of malted milk
  • White malted milk balls (weve used these to create piles of snowballs outside the home)
  • It was so adorable to use gum (we used cut pieces of Fruit Stripped Gum, which is zebra gum) for the roof of a house.
  • Small red and green sweets with the name Chocolate Lentils that were about the size of a fingernail and were available at the Dollar Store were really adorable.
  • There are no boundaries! Additionally, you do not need to comply with seasonal hues. Take use of what you enjoy, have on hand, or are on sale.

What Can I Use if I Don’t Like Candies?

Gingerbread house candy decorations

Gingerbread house candy decorations - Pretzel rods

Searching for alternative ideas to decorate your gingerbread house? Here are some fun, candy-free options:

  • Pretzel rods can be used to create the logs for a gingerbread house in the style of a log cabin.
  • Breakfast cereal made by Golden Grahams is excellent for shingles.
  • With some green frosting, you can transform sugar cones into trees!
  • Butter Snap pretzels would look wonderful as a roof or as windows.
  • Dont forget about sprinkles, which are comparable to candy but not quite.

Check out for the life-lasting span of gingerbread houses to ensure the food safety for your fam and friends.

Tips for Gingerbread House Candy Decorations

Tips of Gingerbread house candy decorations

Tips of gingerbread house candy decorations

Fantastic gingerbread house candy decorations are all about the details. Here are some tips to help you create a gingerbread masterpiece:

  • Always use edible glue (i.e. royal icing) when adhering candies, sprinkles or other decorations to the gingerbread house.
  • Think outside the box and get creative with your gingerbread house mix-and-match approach to gingerbread house decorations works best - use a little of this, a lot of that, and the perfect gingerbread house will come together in no time.
  • Choose candies or foods that have complementary colors and flavors to create contrast.

And lastly, dont forget patience! Making gingerbread houses is an process and can take a few hours. Enjoy the process, have fun with it, and dont forget to snap photos of your gingerbread house candy decorations masterpiece when youre finished!


How can I stick sweets to a gingerbread house?

  • Pipe a dot: To ensure that all pieces of candy remain securely fastened to your gingerbread, use large dots of icing to attach larger items and small dots for smaller ones.
  • Pipe a line: To affix longer candies such as candy cane sticks or pretzels, fill a piping bag with icing and pipe it in a line on the back of the candy.

Is a mixture of melted sugar and spices the key to creating a structurally sound gingerbread house?

When the gingerbread is lightly toasted, take it out of the oven (but be vigilant not to overcook for an inedible result). Then, quickly dip all edges into melted sugar and hold them together for a few seconds. This will swiftly harden and serve as your solid foundation for adorning your delightful abode.

How to melt hard candy for gingerbread house candy decorations?

To give the gingerbread an extra crunch, roll out each color of candy with a rolling pin and place it in its own separate resealable bag. Once they are all crushed to your desired consistency, mix them into the gingerbread batter.

With only five minutes remaining before baking is completed, sprinkle the softened candies through cut-out window patterns on top - giving you just enough time for them to melt correctly. The finished product will be full of delicious flavor and texture!

Why do I need to put cornstarch in a gingerbread house?

Make your icing smoother and easier to work with by using cornstarch - no fingerprints in sight! And if fondant is causing you grief, try mixing it with confectioners sugar or dusting your rolling surface first; this will prevent stickiness. So easy and successful results are guaranteed!

Why are gingerbread houses not edible?

The word edible is often used in a rather lenient manner. For instance, gingerbread houses are edible just like play-dough; you can eat it although its not recommended due to their extended period of exposure and drying out. These architectural marvels tend to be left out for days at a time before ultimately crusting over into oblivion.

What is the best way to pour hard candy into molds?

Keep the pot over the heat until all bubbles go away. Fill the molds by pouring in a thin stream of hot sugar slowly. Do not use a spoon and do not scrape sugar from crevices of the pan into molds. Let the molds rest until the sugar hardens, it should take around 20 minutes.


We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks for gingerbread house candy decorations and that they inspired you to get creative in your holidays kitchen. Christmas is a time for family, friends, and delicious food so were honored to be your sous chef and help contribute to making memories around the table.

If youre looking for delicious recipes to tantalize your tastebuds, our website has everything that you need! Thank you for taking the time to read this message and we hope to see you soon!

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