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How Long To Air Fry Pizza Rolls

Well well, who wants to know how long to air fry pizza rolls? If youre anything like me, you absolutely love cooking! Theres just something about creating a delicious meal from scratch that is so satisfying. But sometimes, you dont have the time or energy to do a full-blown kitchen takeover. Thats where air frying comes in.

With this handy cooking method, you can fry up all sorts of goodies in no time at all. And today, were going to show you how long to air fry pizza rolls!

Is It OK to Cook Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer?

How long to air fry pizza rolls?

Pizza rolls in air fryer

Absolutely. When it comes to snack and food (not only pizza), air frying is a great way to get that crispy, golden crust you love without all the extra oil and fat. This is considered a healthy cooking way for you to track your carb and weight.

To do it, simply preheat your air fryer according to the manufacturers instructions, then place your pizza rolls inside in a single layer. Now were going to how long to air fry pizza rolls as well as some tips to have outstanding pizza rolls.

Which Temperature is Good For Pizza in Air Fryer?

The answer for this question how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer is actually varied by what you want. If you are about to be late for your meeting but you need a quick snack to recharge your energy, higher heat and short time is suggested. Nevertheless, if you have time or your pizza is a big too large in size and thickness, you need to consider to cook it with low heats and longer time in air fryer. Or else it will get burnt when being cooked in high heat but short time.

However, to talk about the ideal temperature, it should be 380°F. This temperature is just right in the middle, help you cook pizza with crispy crunch but enough to keep it moist and delicious.

How long to Air Fry Pizza Rolls

Temp #1: At 400 F

How long to air fry pizza rolls

How long to air fry pizza rolls?

With this high heat in how long to air fry pizza rolls, you should pay more attention more to the time and your pizza. The ideal time for not drying out your pizza is 5-6 minutes. If your pizza size is quite big, consider to cook it at low heats and longer time (which is mentioned in the next two parts below)

Here how to cook pizza rolls in air fryer at 400 F:

  1. Before you begin, set your air fryer to 400°F.
  2. Next, place the frozen pizza rolls in either an air fryer basket or oven in a single layer.
  3. After that, cook the pizza rolls on 400° for 5-6 minutes.
  4. If you want extra crispy pizza rolls, depending on your type of air fryer and how many pizza rolls are in the basket, shake the basket and cook for an additional minute.

Temp #2: At 380 F

How long to air fry pizza rolls

How long to air fry pizza rolls?

Here is the recommended temperature for how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer. The ideal time is 6-8 minutes for air frying pizza, especially the one is larger and thicker. Dont forget to let your pizza rest before serving.

Here how to do it:

  1. Set air fryer to 380 degrees.
  2. Arrange pizza rolls in a single layer in the air fryer basket or tray.
  3. Cook for 6-8 minutes, flipping the food item(s) over halfway through.
  4. Let sit for 2 minutes so the mozzarella cheese can cool a bit before serving hot!

Temp #3: At 350 F

How long to air fry pizza rolls

How long to air fry pizza rolls?

If youre looking for a slightly lower temperature setting, 350°F is another great option. This will give your pizza rolls a bit more of a golden brown color and can help ensure that they stay nice and moist on the inside. The ideal time here is around 8-10 minutes, dont cut off the time or extend it too much.

  1. To cook pizza rolls at 350°F in air fryer, follow these simple steps:
  2. Set your air fryer to 350°F.
  3. Arrange your pizza rolls in a single layer on an air fryer basket or tray.
  4. Cook the food for 8-10 minutes, flipping it over halfway through the cooking time.
  5. Let the pizza rolls rest for a few minutes before serving hot and crispy!

Signs to Tell My Pizza Rolls Are Well Cooked

Thats all for how long to air fry pizza rolls, here are signs for you to make sure all the pizza rolls are well-cooked:

  • There are a few various methods for determining when your pizza is finished cooking.
  • The color and texture of the crust, which should be golden brown and crispy, are two of the most accurate markers.
  • If a knife or toothpick is inserted into the center of your pizza and it comes out clean, your pizza is likewise cooked to perfection.
  • You can also check the crust for any extra browning or charring, which may signal that your pizza has been cooked for a sufficient amount of time.
  • Finally, its a good idea to use a kitchen thermometer to check the internal temperature of your pizza; if the center registers at least 200 F, your pizza is ready to eat.

Pro Tips for Crispy Pizza Rolls

How long to air fry pizza rolls

How long to air fry pizza rolls?

So we have learnt about how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer. Beside the time - how long to air fry pizza rolls, here are 8 tips to have good, crispy pizza rolls in air fryer. 

  • Choose high-quality ingredients, such as fresh vegetables and flavorful cheeses.
  • Preheat your air fryer to the recommended temperature before adding your pizza rolls.
  • Make sure to cook your pizza rolls in a single layer for even cooking and optimal crispiness.
  • If you want an extra crispy crust, try flipping your pizza rolls halfway through cooking.
  • The air fryer doesnt need cooking spray, but if you want an extra crispy texture, feel free to use it.
  • If you find that your air fryer is sticking, then you can use parchment paper, or an air-fryer safe cooking spray. To avoid this issue altogether, shake the pizza rolls about halfway through the cooking process.
  • No need to worry if your pizza rolls explode! In fact, I find that its the best way to know theyre done cooking. However, some people prefer their pizza rolls not to explode. If thats what you like, then just take them out of the oven a minute or two early when theyre slightly crispy on the outside but havent exploded yet.
  • Let your cooked pizza rest for around 2 minutes.

Lets wrap this article of how long to air fry pizza rolls up and move to the final one: a quick FAQs section.

Suggested Air Fryer for Pizza Rolls Cooking

- Philips HD9652/96 AirFryer XL. This model has adjustable temperature settings and a timer, plus the 3.5-quart capacity makes it perfect for cooking larger slices of pizza.

- Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven. This is a great all-in-one appliance that can handle bigger sizes of pizza as well as other snacks and meals. The toaster oven design gives you more control over how long your food cooks also.

- GoWISE USA GW22731 3.7 Quart Programmable Air Fryer. This one has adjustable temperature settings and an 8-in-1 cooking preset for easy meal prepping. Its a great choice if youre looking for a smaller but powerful appliance.


1-Why do pizza rolls have the potential to explode?

The liquids inside pizza rolls begin to boil and expand, causing them to explode. But by knowing how long to cook pizza rolls in an air fryer, you can avoid this issue! We only need to cook these rolls for 8 minutes; however, the air fryer will make them golden brown and crispy. Check on them after 4 minutes have passed to see how theyre doing. These delicious little snacks will be ready in no time!

2-Should I preheat an air fryer?

If youre looking to get an even crispier outer layer on your pizza rolls, try preheating your air fryer for 1-3 minutes before cooking.

3-Do I add oil or cooking spray when air frying pizza?

IMPORTANT: If you like, you can use cooking spray to enhance the crispiness of your pizza rolls.

4-Can I cook frozen rolls in an air fryer?

Cook the frozen rolls in the air fryer at 350F/176C for 5 minutes. Remove them, gently brush on some melted butter, and return them to cook for another minute until golden brown.


Air frying is a popular cooking method because its speedy and doesnt require too much cleanup. If youre wondering how long to air fry pizza rolls, we have sampled all the recipes and found the best ones for you. We hope you find these helpful in your journey of making delicious desserts. Dont forget to check out our other baking and cooking recipes at The Blue Stove!

Whether youre making pizza rolls for a party, a quick weeknight dinner, or simply because you need a snack, air frying is a great way to get that crispy crust you love without all the extra oil and grease. And thats all about how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer.

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