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How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza

Have you wondered how big is an 11 inch pizza? Are you looking for the right size pizza to satisfy your familys appetite? Or maybe you need an individual-sized pizza thats just enough for one person? Trying to find out how big is an 11 inch pizza was a challenge, but dont worry - we have all the answers here! 

With this blog post about how big is an 11 inch pizza, we will look at what constitutes an 11 inch pizza, provide ideas on suitable toppings and recipes to use with it, and help you determine if this size is meant for your next cooking adventure. So come along with us as we explore different ways to make sure everyone in your home gets their ideal slice of happiness.

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?

How big is an 11 inch pizza? An 11 inch pizza is considered to be a medium-sized pizza. In terms of its circumference, an 11 inch pizza has a diameter of 33 inches across the entire pie.

This size can easily fit on a standard pizza pan and can be cooked in a regular oven. The circumference also means that this size is perfect for adding classic toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and more!

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?

How Many Slices In An 11 Inch Pizza?

An 11 inch pizza typically has 8 slices. It is considered to be the most ideal size for feeding large groups while still ensuring that each person gets a generous portion of their favorite toppings.

How Many Does An 11 Inch Pizza Feed?

An 11 inch pizza can easily feed four people, making it the ideal size for a family dinner. If youre looking to serve smaller portions, an 11 inch pizza can also be cut into eight slices. This is perfect if youre having guests over and need to offer them individual pizzas.

Keep reading for how big is an 11 inch pizza!

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?

Is An 11 Inch Pizza Personal?

You know how big is an 11 inch pizza but may be you have wondered that is an 11 inch pizza personal. 

An 11 inch pizza is not considered personal, but this size can still be enjoyed by one person. You can easily cut the pizza into 4 slices and enjoy a hearty meal all on your own.

What Type of Recipes Can You Make With An 11 Inch Pizza?

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?

An 11 inch pizza is the perfect size for experimentation. You can try out new topping combinations or even experiment with different cheese blends and herbs. With this size, you can easily build a margherita-style pizza by layering tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves. You can also make a breakfast pizza by adding scrambled eggs, bacon and diced tomatoes for your morning meal! The possibilities are endless when youre cooking with an 11 inch pizza.

Way to Store An 11 Inch Pizza

If youre looking to store your 11 inch pizza for later when reading how big is an 11 inch pizza, make sure to wrap it in plastic or aluminum foil. This will keep it from drying out and maintain its freshness. You can also place the pizza in an airtight container before placing it in the refrigerator. This way, you can enjoy your delicious meal even after a few days.

Pro Tips to Cut 11 Inch Pizza Perfectly

The best way to cut an 11 inch pizza is to use a pizza wheel or sharp knife. If youre using a pizza wheel, make sure its clean and free of any debris. To get perfectly even slices, start by cutting the pie into four equal parts and then cut each part into two slices. This will ensure that each person gets their own slice and that the portion size is even.

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?

How Big Is An 11 Inch Pizza?


An 11 inch pizza is the perfect size for a family dinner or group gathering. This size provides enough room to try out different recipes and topping combinations, while still making sure everyone gets their own slice. With its convenient circumference and 8 slices, an 11 inch pizza can be the star of any meal! How big is an 11 inch pizza? We hope that this article has provided you with the information you need to answer this question. So get ready to enjoy your delicious meal and let us know how it turned out! See you soon for more question at The Blue Stove!


Is an 11 Inch Pizza the right size for you?

If youre looking to serve up a delicious homemade pizza thats perfect for dinner, then an 11 inch pizza is the ideal choice. Not only does it provide enough room to experiment with different toppings, but its also big enough to feed a small family or group of guests. So if youre feeling like having some fun in the kitchen, then try out using an 11 inch pizza.

How many carbs are in an 11 inch pizza?

With every single serving, Pizza King 11 Inch Original Sub packs 158g of total carbs, 152g net carbs, 27g fat, 56g protein and a staggering 1110 calories.

Are all pizza slices the same?

No, pizza slices vary in size depending on the type and size of pizza. If youre using an 11 inch round pizza, it will typically yield 8 slices when cut into wedges. However, if youre using a square pizza, it usually produces 9 or 10 slices. So make sure to check the box or packaging of your pizza to determine the correct number of slices. 

How Long Can You Keep An 11 Inch Pizza For?

An 11 inch pizza can typically be stored in an airtight container or wrapped in plastic or aluminum foil for up to 4 days. After this time, its best to discard any leftovers as they may have gone bad. So make sure to enjoy your pizza within 4 days for the best quality and taste!

How much bigger is 16 inch vs 11 inch pizza?

An 11 inch pizza is roughly 6 inches smaller than a 16 inch pizza. This means that if youre looking for more servings, then a 16 inch pizza would be the way to go! Keep in mind though that this size may not be as suitable for individual servings and it could easily feed up to 8 people.  So if youre planning on serving a large group of guests, then a 16 inch pizza could be the perfect solution.

Are there any other sizes between 11 and 16 inches?

Yes, there are several sizes available between 11 inches and 16 inches. A 12 inch pizza is slightly larger than an 11 inch and can provide up to 9 slices. A 14 inch pizza is also a good option and it usually provides 10-12 slices. So depending on how many people youre serving, you can choose the right size for your gathering!

Is 11 inch pizza enough for 2 people?

Yes, an 11 inch pizza is more than enough to feed two people. This size provides plenty of space to experiment with different toppings and it yields 8 slices that can be easily divided between two people. So if youre looking for an easy dinner solution for two, then this is the perfect size of pizza!

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