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How To Icing Cupcakes: Step-by-Step Cupcake Icing Tutorial with Videos

Well, so how to icing cupcakes? - Do you love to cook? Do you adore baking tasty cupcakes? If thats the case, youre going to adore this step-by-step guide to creating the best possible icing cupcakes! You may have the perfect icing that will amaze your loved ones and friends by following just a few easy steps, and then following those instructions in order. Prepare yourself to gain some new skills in the kitchen and start baking like a pro after you do-a master of cupcake baking!

Firstly, lets solve the question about icing vs. frosting before getting into how to icing cupcakes!

What is the difference of icing and frosting?

Icing is thinner than frosting but not quite as thin as a glaze. Typically icing is made with powdered sugar and liquid, such as water, milk, or juice, icing can be drizzled or spread. Icing has more shine and a smoother consistency than frosting.

What is the difference of icing and frosting

What is the difference of icing and frosting

Is icing or frosting better for cupcakes?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the choice really depends on your personal preferences.

  • Some people prefer icing because it has a silkier texture and gives their cupcakes a more polished appearance. Other bakers may prefer frosting, as it tends to have a thicker consistency that holds up better under heat or handling.
  • Ultimately, whether you choose icing or frosting for your cupcakes is a matter of personal taste.

However, whichever type you choose, be sure to follow the tips in this tutorial for how to make the perfect icing every time! Now we know the matter is not about the method, its about what you like. If you like icing, check out right away the part how to icing cupcakes better.

How to icing cupcakes perfectly?

How to icing cupcakes perfectly

How to icing cupcakes perfectly

1. Start by sifting the powdered sugar into a bowl or large glass measuring cup.

2. Add your liquid of choice (water, milk, juice, etc.) and mix until you have a thick paste.

3. Transfer the icing to a pastry bag fitted with a small round tip or simply use a zip-top plastic bag with one corner cut off.

4. Pipe the icing onto your cooled cupcakes in a swirl or rosette pattern, using steady pressure to create a smooth surface.

5. If desired, top your icing with sprinkles, edible flowers, or other decorative touches.

6. Serve and enjoy your beautifully frosted cupcakes!

Tips to icing cupcakes better

Tips to icing better

Tips to icing better

Piping tips are the most important element of cupcake decoration. Youll want to use a large or jumbo tip for best results. For reference, many of the cupcakes on our or other popular sites are frosted with either a Wilton 1M or 2D tip- both can usually be found at any craft or cooking store that sells Wilton products.

If you feel worried and still dont know how to icing cupcakes, keep on reading and the videos at the end can save your day!

How to make icing for cupcakes?

Original icing cupcakes

So now you know how to master your icing cupcakes, but still worry about how to make a cupcake correctly, check out at this article.

Or, you want to explore more about ways to make icing, keep reading for the next parts!


  • 1 1/2 cups Coles Soft Icing Mixture, sifted
  • 25g butter, softened
  • 1 tbsp milk, or water
  • Few drops of food coloring


  • In order to get a glossy consistency, mix the icing sugar, butter and milk in a medium bowl using a wooden spoon. Add extra milk or water if needed.
  • In order to tint the icing to your desired color, add food coloring little by little until you are pleased with the shade. Remember to mix thoroughly!

Vanilla icing cupcakes

How to make icing cupcakes with vanilla flvor

How to icing cupcakes with vanilla flavor


  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp milk or water
  • 1-2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the powdered sugar, milk or water, and vanilla extract until you have a smooth consistency. You can adjust the ingredients as needed depending on how thick or thin you want your icing to be.

2. Gently spread or drizzle the icing over your freshly baked cupcakes, taking care not to disturb any of the beautiful crumbs that may have formed on their tops.

3. Serve your beautifully frosted cupcakes immediately, or store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week.

Tips to make good icing for cupcakes

There are some extra ingredients you can put into icing to help it creamier

How to icing cupcakes in a great way

How to icing cupcakes in a great way

  • Cream cheese. Add 8 ounces of room temperature plain or flavored cream cheese to the mixture and beat it until combined.
  • Whipped cream. In order to make this recipe, you will need equal parts whipped cream and icing. However, if you do not have whipping cream available, thawed whipped topping can be used as a substitute. It is important to note that canned whip cream will not work for this recipe as it quickly deflates and turns into liquid. Moreover, unsweetened whip cream can help tone down overly sweet icings.
  • Peanut butter/nut butter. Add 1/2 cup of the mixture, or add more to achieve desired flavor.
  • Nutella. Add in 1/2 cup, or more to taste.
How to make cupcake icing

How to make cupcake icing

  • Lemon Curd. To create a richer flavor, add 1/2 cup (or more to taste).
  • Butter. Add 2 tablespoons of room-temperature butter to make the icing more butter creamy. If you want a saltier flavor, use unsalted butter and add a pinch of salt.
  • Cookie Butter. Slowly add in 1/2 cup, or as much you like.
  • Jam, preserves, or marmalade. Add 1/2 cup of the supplement, or more to taste.

Here is another recipe of how to icing cupcakes from CupcakeJemma:

Video of how to icing cupcakes from YouTube

Here is a skillful video from The Icing Artist about 10 ways of how to icing cupcakes:

Here is a specific technique of how to icing cupcakes from CakesbyLinz that can level up your skill:


1-Can we use icing in place of frosting?

In general, when it comes to how to icing cupcakes, frosting is best for thicker applications, and icing is best for thinner ones. So, for example, if youre making a classic doughnut with sprinkles, youll want to use icing.

2-Which icing is best for cupcakes?

Royal icing is one of the best icings for decorating cakes. Mixing together powdered sugar, egg whites, and meringue powder or liquid provides a consistency relative to pancake batter.

3-How do I make the icing on my cupcakes flat?

The Upside Down method

One of the top method of how to icing cupcakes: the upside down method. Lets start by flipping it over onto a piece of wax paper. Using a spatula, spread the icing out so that it covers the entire top surface of the cake. Be sure to smooth down any rough edges around the sides. Once youre finished, place your cupcake on a plate and put it in the fridge for 5-10 minutes before serving.

4-How long should I cool my cupcakes before icing?

About 30 minutes. Thats an ideal time for it!


Now that you know the basics of how to icing cupcakes, its time to get in the kitchen and give it a try. Be sure to take some notes as you go so you can refer back to them later. This recipe is delicious, but it doesnt have to be perfect. Have fun with it and enjoy making something sweet for yourself or others. For more great recipes, cooking tips, and inspiration, be sure to check out our website The Blue Stove. There we have everything from starters to desserts, all made with love. Happy baking!

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