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How Long to Boil Chicken Thighs

How long to boil chicken thighs? Are you looking for a simple way to prepare chicken thighs that will leave your taste buds thanking you? Boiling chicken thighs is an excellent cooking method if youre short on time, as this process doesnt require much active time in the kitchen. And best of all, by understanding how long to boil chicken thighs correctly, you can be guaranteed of tender and juicy results every single time!

In this blog post, we will discuss how long to boil chicken thighs and provide tips so that the end result is always deliciously succulent. Lets get started!

Boiled Chicken vs. Poached Chicken: What’s the Difference?

Boiled is somewhat deceptive in this case. You are not boiling the chicken all of the time, as that would cause it to become dry and tough; instead, youll only boil it at first to bring up the temperature of your liquid before slowly simmering away until its finished cooking.

The culinary term for this technique is poaching, which involves gently simmering ingredients in the minimal liquid. Therefore, when it comes to making this recipe, the outcome of boiled chicken vs. poached chicken is virtually indistinguishable!

How long to boil chicken thighs

How long to boil chicken thighs?

How Long to Boil Chicken Thighs?

Normally, how long to boil chicken thighs will depend on how large your pieces are; for example, if you have larger thighs, they will take longer to cook. But as a general rule, how long to boil chicken thighs will be about 8-10 minutes.

Keep on reading for more details:

How Long does It Take to Boil Boneless Chicken Thighs?

If you have roughly 1kg (2lb) of fresh chicken, then it should only take 10-15 minutes to get the job done. However, if your goal is for tender shreds that are easy to work with and manipulate, add an extra 5 minutes. You will be pleased with how quickly yet deliciously this process can occur!

With Bone-in Chicken Thighs, How Long to Boil It?

If youre planning to make 5 pieces of chicken with this recipe, it will take about 15-20 minutes - depending on the size of your poultry.

Larger chickens may require an extra few minutes for cooking; however, if you intend to grill or broil afterwards, a portion of that time can be deducted as long as you know your chicken is cooked through. Its essential that fresh or fully thawed chicken thighs are used for best results.

How long to boil chicken thighs

How long to boil chicken thighs - Bone-in thighs

How Long to Boil Chicken Thighs when It Comes to Frozen Thighs?

If you want to up your cooking game with how long to boil chicken thighs, its best to thaw those frozen chicken thighs in the fridge overnight before boiling - this will take a few minutes off of total cook time and result in succulent, juicy perfection!

How to Make Sure My Chicken Thighs Are Well Cooked?

The best way to make sure your chicken thighs are properly cooked through is by using a meat thermometer. Make sure it reads at least 165° following the USDAs warning.

However, if you dont have a thermometer at home, you can do the poke test. This is where you poke the chicken with a knife or fork and check how easily it goes in and how the juices look. If the juices run clear and the meat is no longer pink, your chicken should be done.

This can apply for every single cooking methods, including baking boneless chicken thighs.

12 Pro Tips for Best Boiled Chicken Thighs

How long to boil chicken thighs

Now, were done with how long to boil chicken thighs, but what about some ultimate tips to make sure you always win this dish? Here we go:

  1. It is essential to thoroughly clean all tools used while cutting or processing raw chicken.
  2. For the most optimal cooking results, it is best to select chickens of comparable size. This will ensure that your chicken cooks evenly throughout.
  3. Submerge the chicken pieces in water for an even cooking experience. If youre using smaller cuts of chicken, they need less time to cook; on the other hand, if your meat is harder or tougher then itll take more effort and additional time so make sure to adjust accordingly.
  4. Lay out the chicken in a single layer to ensure they cook properly. Utilize the boiling water from cooking these pieces of poultry to both make rice and add flavor to other dishes.
  5. Monitor your culinary creation after the suggested cooking time has elapsed, and if additional minutes are necessary, assess it every three.
  6. To ensure that your chicken is fully cooked and safe to consume, its essential to check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer. The minimum required reading should be 165F/75C in order to prevent any food poisoning or risk of contracting foodborne diseases.
  7. Allow the chicken to steep in its broth for 5 minutes after cooking, and you will be delighted by a heightened flavor.
  8. To ensure your chicken is flavorful, season the cooking water with ample salt. The salinity of the water should be discernible to you; if its too subtle then add more and adjust until it tastes right!
  9. For an intensified flavor, try boiling carrots alongside your chicken. The vegetables will add a burst of flavor to the dish that you wont want to miss!
  10. Securely lid the pot to seal in flavor and allow your chicken to cook timely and uniformly.
  11. You can separate the fat from the broth before adding it to your dish.
  12. Once the chicken is shredded, take a break and let it cool for 10 minutes before beginning to pull apart with your hands.

Thats all for How long to boil chicken thighs.

How long to boil chicken thighs

How long to boil chicken thighs


Boiling chicken thighs is a simple and hassle-free way to enjoy a nutritious meal. It takes about 10-20 minutes to cook, depending on how large the pieces are. Remember to season the cooking water and monitor the temperature with a meat thermometer, and let it steep in its broth for 5 minutes for a heightened flavor. Once done, enjoy your delicious chicken thighs!

Well, there you have it - how long to boil chicken thighs! We trust that this post has been helpful and eye-opening. If youre hoping to explore more recipes, our website at is sure to offer an array of options tailored just for you!

From quick and easy weeknight dinners to festive holiday meals, we have something for everyone. Thanks for reading and Happy Cooking!

FAQs of Boiling Chicken Thighs

What utensils are good for boiling chicken thighs?

You can use any large pot with a lid for boiling chicken thighs. Make sure the pot is big enough so that all of the chicken pieces are in one layer, and theres plenty of room for the liquid to boil.

Is it OK if my chicken thighs are still pinky inside?

No, it is not safe to eat chicken thighs that are still pinky inside. The USDA recommends that cooked chicken should reach an internal temperature of 165° before serving, so use a meat thermometer to check the chickens readiness. If it hasnt reached that temperature yet, boil for a few more minutes.

Can I boil my chicken in stove?

Yes, you can boil your chicken in a stove. Make sure to fill the pot with enough liquid so that all of the chicken pieces are submerged, and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and let the chicken simmer for about 20 minutes or until it is cooked through. Monitor the temperature with a meat thermometer to make sure it has reached the recommended temperature of 165°. Once done, take off the heat and let the chicken steep in the liquid for 5 minutes before serving.

How long to boil chicken thighs without a pot?

You need to have a pot to boil chicken thighs. Without a pot, you cant properly submerge the chicken in liquid and monitor the cooking temperature. If you dont have a pot large enough, try using an electric pressure cooker or slow cooker instead. Both of these options will allow you to cook the chicken efficiently and safely.

How long does it take to boil chicken in microwave?

It usually takes about 10-12 minutes to boil chicken in a microwave, depending on the size of the pieces. Make sure to use at least 1 cup of broth or water and cover the dish with wax paper or plastic wrap. Cook on high until the chicken is cooked through and an internal temperature of 165° is reached. Monitor the cooking time closely as microwaves can overcook food quickly.

Can I use frozen chicken thighs for boiling?

Yes, you can use frozen chicken thighs for boiling. Just make sure to defrost the chicken in the refrigerator overnight before proceeding with the recipe. This will ensure that the chicken cooks evenly and doesnt turn out rubbery or dry. Once defrosted, proceed with the recipe as normal.

Why should I know how long to boil chicken thighs?

Knowing how long to boil chicken thighs helps you avoid undercooking or overcooking the meat. It ensures that the chicken is cooked perfectly and yields juicy, tender pieces. Boiling is also a great way to infuse flavor into the chicken. By adding herbs, vegetables, and other seasonings to the water, you can easily create delicious and satisfying meals. When it comes to boiling chicken thighs, timing is key!

Should I boil chicken more than 2 hours?

No, you should not boil chicken for more than 2 hours. Overcooking can cause the meat to become dry and rubbery. It is important to monitor the cooking time closely and use a meat thermometer to check if it has reached an internal temperature of 165° before serving. Once cooked, take off the heat and let the chicken steep in the liquid for 5 minutes before serving.

How can I haste the boiling time for chicken thighs?

If youre in a hurry, try using an electric pressure cooker or slow cooker to cook your chicken thighs. Pressure cooking will help the chicken absorb more flavor and cooks it faster than boiling on the stovetop. A slow cooker also helps tenderize the meat while infusing moisture and flavor.

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