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Is Biscuits and Gravy Healthy

Are you a fan of biscuits and gravy? So you may wonder is biscuits and gravy healthy? It can be an incredibly comforting dish that brings back childhood memories, especially if its achieved with your moms famous recipe. But is biscuits and gravy healthy for you? After all, we all need to find balance in our diets regardless of how much we may love down-home cooking.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make this Southern classic more mindful of your nutritional needs without sacrificing flavor. In this blog post, well explore the health benefits of making smart ingredient substitutions when preparing biscuits and gravy so you can still enjoy a delicious meal without compromising nutritiousness!

Is Biscuits and Gravy Healthy?

Is biscuits and gravy healthy

Is biscuits and gravy healthy?

So do you wonder is biscuits and gravy healthy? The answer is yes! Biscuits and gravy is a healthier option than other comfort foods, such as fried chicken or macaroni and cheese. It is also high in fiber. When you use whole grain biscuits or choose low-fat ingredients for your gravy, it is even better for you!

When making biscuits and gravy, consider substituting traditional ingredients for healthier alternatives. For example, you can use whole wheat flour, low-fat milk and butter, low-sodium chicken broth, and turkey sausage instead of pork sausage. You can also opt for fat-free or reduced-fat cheese if you plan to add cheese to the gravy.

And this version can be different and be called in varied names in both US and UK.

How Many Calories do Biscuits and Gravy Have?

The calorie count of biscuits and gravy is determined by the ingredients you use. Generally speaking, a biscuit is about 150-200 calories depending on the size, while a serving of gravy is around 200-300 calories. The amount of fat in your biscuits and gravy depends on which type of fats you choose to use.

For instance, if you opt for a butter-based biscuit and pork sausage gravy, your biscuits and gravy is likely to be higher in fat than if you use lower saturated fat ingredients like olive oil or low-fat milk.

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How Many Calories does A Serving Of Sausage Gravy And Biscuits Have?

Is biscuits and gravy healthy

Is biscuits and gravy healthy?

The caloric content of sausage gravy and biscuits largely depends on the type and size, with a standard serving ranging from 500-900 calories.

For instance, one portion of KFCs Biscuit & Sausage Gravy contains 500 calories; however, their Big Biscuit & Sausage Gravy is estimated to have 900 calories. To get an even more accurate estimate of its calorie count, be sure to read the nutrition information found on its packaging!

How Fattening is Biscuits and Gravy?

A YES for Is biscuits and gravy healthy, but what about fattening? Biscuits and gravy is an indulgent meal that isnt necessarily the healthiest choice. The biscuits are often loaded with butter, milk, and white flour - all high-calorie ingredients. To make matters worse, sausage is used to create a delectable gravy which can also be packed with fat and calories.

Although biscuits and gravy can be a delicious meal, it is important to note that depending on the type of gravy used, this dish may include an abundance of added fat as well as ingredients such as cream or cheese.

Ultimately, it is advisable to only consume biscuits and gravy in moderation due to its high calorie count and significant amount of fat. If you are someone who enjoys having this for breakfast on occasion, then make certain that you keep track of your total daily intake by monitoring both calories and fats throughout the day.

Should I Eat Biscuits and Gravy when Having Diabetes or Weight Loss?

Is biscuits and gravy healthy

Is biscuits and gravy healthy

It is possible to enjoy biscuits and gravy while managing diabetes or trying to lose weight. The key is to make smart ingredient substitutions so you can still savor the flavor of this classic dish without sacrificing your health goals.

Swapping out ingredients like whole wheat flour, low-fat milk, olive oil, turkey sausage and reduced-fat cheese is a great way to reduce fat, calories and sodium while still enjoying the flavors you love.

In addition, portion control is important when eating biscuits and gravy if you are managing diabetes or trying to lose weight. Keeping your meal portions smaller will help you stay within your daily calorie needs.

Pro Tips for You to Have Biscuits and Gravy Healthier

Now we are all know the answer for Is biscuits and gravy healthy is a YES. So what if you want to have more biscuits with gravy, any tips?

  • Limit the portions you consume. When it comes to high-calorie treats, moderation is key! Instead of going for two biscuits, why not try just one? And if youre getting gravy on the side, dont forget that you can control how much you use. That way, your indulgence wont be too hard on your waistline!
  • Upgrade your meals by swapping out the higher-calorie sides with healthier alternatives. Spice up your meal by pairing a boiled egg, fruit salad, or yogurt with the main entrée when dining in. For those who are eating out, choose an egg and fruit cup to complement your biscuit and gravy.
  • Enjoy a flavorful gravy without any of the guilt. Transform your favorite recipe into something healthier without compromising on taste! 
  • Utilize lower fat milk. If youre looking for low-fat options to make your gravy, either skim milk, 1% milk, unsweetened almond or soy can be used as substitutes. By incorporating these alternatives there will be no change in the consistency of the end result!
  • Utilize turkey sausage instead of pork sausage. To add an extra kick of flavor, opt to omit the sausage and introduce poultry seasoning into your gravy.
  • Utilize e a white wheat or whole wheat flour to make your roux.
  • Experiment with healthier biscuit recipes. Experience the goodness of home-baked goods without compromising on indulgence by substituting whole wheat flour and/or Greek yogurt for some of the butter called for in traditional recipes.

What Healthy Ingredients to Make Gravy?

Is biscuits and gravy healthy

Is biscuits and gravy healthy

Making gravies is one of the most enjoyable parts of cooking. Low-fat gravies can be flavorful and delicious, using a variety of ingredients such as low-sodium chicken broth, nonfat Greek yogurt, nutritional yeast, herbs and spices. You can also use alternative thickeners like cornstarch or arrowroot powder to thicken the gravy without adding fat.

For added flavor, try incorporating fresh herbs like rosemary, oregano or sage into your gravies. You can also experiment with different vinegars such as balsamic or red wine to give the gravy a hint of acidity.

In addition to these healthy ingredients, you can make your gravy even healthier by substituting some of the butter or oil with unsweetened applesauce.

This is a great way to reduce calories and fat, while adding flavor. For a vegan option, try using olive oil or coconut oil instead of butter when making your gravy.

What Healthy Ingredients to Make Biscuits?

When it comes to biscuits, you can make them much healthier without sacrificing the flavor. Substituting some of the all-purpose flour for whole wheat or white wheat is a great way to add extra fiber and nutrients.

Additionally, using nonfat Greek yogurt is an easy way to reduce fat and calories while adding moisture to the biscuit. Other healthy alternatives include substituting some of the butter with unsweetened applesauce or coconut oil and adding fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme or oregano to enhance flavor.

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FAQs about Is Biscuits and Gravy Healthy

Should I eat biscuits and gravy everyday?

No, eating biscuits and gravy everyday is not recommended. While there are some healthy ingredients that can be used to make the meal healthier, it is still high in calories and saturated fat. It is best to enjoy this dish as an occasional treat.

Can I reduce the calories in biscuits and gravy?

Yes, you can definitely reduce the calories in biscuits and gravy by using healthier ingredients such as whole wheat flour, nonfat Greek yogurt, olive oil and unsweetened applesauce. Additionally, controlling the portion size is also key for managing calorie intake.

Are there any health benefits to eating biscuits and gravy?

Yes! Eating biscuits and gravy is a great way to get in some important nutrients such as whole grains, calcium and protein. When made with healthy ingredients, this meal is a great source of energy for busy days.

Can vegan eat gravy with biscuits?

Yes, vegans can enjoy gravy with biscuits. Substituting vegan-friendly ingredients such as olive oil or coconut oil for butter is an easy way to make the meal vegan-friendly. Additionally, opting for vegetable broth instead of chicken is also a great way to keep the dish dairy and egg free!

Can a diabetic eat biscuits and gravy?

Yes, a diabetic can enjoy biscuits and gravy. To prevent blood sugar levels from skyrocketing, portion sizes must be kept in check and healthy alternatives such as whole wheat flour, nonfat Greek yogurt, and olive oil should be used when making the meal. Additionally, added sugars need to be carefully monitored for optimal health outcomes.

When in a day do people often eat biscuits and gravy?

Biscuits and gravy is often eaten as a breakfast meal, but is also enjoyed as lunch or dinner. It is important to note that biscuits and gravy is not a typical breakfast item and should be enjoyed in moderation. Additionally, diabetics must monitor their sugar intake when eating this dish for any meal of the day.


Biscuits and gravy is a traditional comfort dish that is enjoyed by many. To make this meal healthier with, you can use healthy ingredients such as whole wheat flour, nonfat Greek yogurt, olive oil and unsweetened applesauce. Additionally, controlling portion sizes is key for managing calorie intake and preventing blood sugar levels from skyrocketing.

Enjoy this dish as an occasional treat and make sure to monitor your sugar intake if you are diabetic. Thank you for reading our blog of Is biscuits and gravy healthy!

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